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Is The Lord BehindOur Motives

                            Is the Lord behind our                     
                                Motives ?
      Have you ever taken the time to really think about what drives your actions? Your actions are based on were your mind is focused at. When I use the word focus, I am really asking, “What do you hope to accomplish”? When we ask ourselves this question we must be completely honest with our response. Most people will not be fully truthful with themselves. The reason that we cannot be totally truthful with our selves is that we do not want to have to admit to what the true motives are. The reason for this is that we will have to admit to what we are doing or planning on doing is not right. So we begin playing mind games with our own thinking. Let’s ask our self this, “If I am deceiving my own mind, am I not also deceiving others”? Just something to sit and ponder a moment.
                  If we have deceived ourselves and in the process have intentionally or even unintentionally deceived others can we expect the Lord to bless the works of our hands we are undertaken or planning to undertake? Let us read the parable of the servant and the master in {Luke 16: 1-13}. The servant was in jeopardy of losing his security and because of that he was willing to forfeit his masters well being in order to gain admiration once again from the master. How often do we risk our own well being in order to gain some thing we should have all ready taken care of. We have to take care of what the Lord has already given us to be able to move forward to bigger and better things.
                   There are basically four things witch motivate people in this world today. They are Greed, Jealousy, Revenge and Survival. Just about everything can be found under one of these four topics. They are in complete contradiction to the motives given to us threw the Lord, along with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. If we truly want the Lords blessing on our actions, they must be based on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self control. Now let’s be honest with our self here, it is much easier to live by the first four rules of  “Engagement” that the world is living by today then living by the eight rules of “Conduct” given by the Lord.
                     The seven things to ask yourself about what the will of God is for you. Before making a decision ask these questions and answer truthfully and wait for the Lord to give you the answer or confirm our answers. Wait a day or two and the Holy Spirit will give you insight or concerns you may not have thought about in reference to these questions.
1.     Does it coincide with the word of God?
2.     Is it a wise decision?
3.     Can I ask God to help me with this?
4.     Do I have complete peace with this?
5.     Does this follow who I am in Jesus/ (In other words did Christ do this when, he in his time here walking on Earth?)
6.     How does this fit into the plan of God for my life? (Look at what will happen from doing this, make the decision without feelings or emotion. Take a couple of days before doing, allows the Holy Spirit to move you with your thoughts.)
7.     Will this bring Glory and Honor to the Lord?
   Satin will tell you “Yes” to all of these questions. You cannot force God, even if it is His will, it may not be the right time for you to receive the answers. Don't let Satin trick you, study the Word of the Lord. Don't just ask yourself these questions once or twice, keep asking them all the way through the process of whatever your actions may be. Keep asking until you have real peace about the answers you have given. Now that you have been given the answers are you willing to follow the leading of the Father. Will you do it no matter what may come along on the journey? Be confident that the Lord will only provide for you what is only the very best for you. You cannot loose with the Leading and Will of the Lord. One of Satins tricks is to tell you that there is no time and that it must be done right now. Another trick from Satin is to tell you that whatever has been taken away can never be replaced, so we have a tendency to put God on the back burner or remove Him all together. Only remember that the Lord will replace whatever was taken or removed. It will be with something even better. This can only happen if we are willing to move by the Leading of the Lord, otherwise all bets are off.
     I hope this Bible Study will give you some insight and encouragement as you make decisions every day. Apply these aspects to all your decisions, from the very small to the major things in your life. Be sure your decisions are based on what the scriptures have to say. All things work for the best in the Lord. Till next week I hope the Lord will Lead and Bless your journey through Life. 
                                 Rev William A Tyler Sr

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