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Ship Wreaked or just Run Aground?

 Ship Wreaked or just Run Aground?
          Ship Wreaked or just Run Aground? What kind of a title is that for Bible devotion? Continue to read on and it may just surprise you. As a Captain of a large Vessel, the Captain has had many hours of training and experiences. The Captain is responsible for the safety of the ship, the cargo which is aboard and also the Crew which he has full authority over when at Sea. He has a set course and navigation structure which he must follow. In this day and age, the Captain also has Satellite Guidance (GPS- Global Positioning Sensor) and radar. The Satellite Guidance (GPS) will keep him dead on course. The radar will let him spot weather conditions and any problems that may be developing on their course. The Captain also has a manual that is referenced to as an “SOP Manual”. The letters stand for “Standard Operating Procedures  “, many offices and companies also have these manuals as a reference guide for how the operations are to be conducted.
          We also have an “SOP “as Christians on how the operations of living for the Lord are to be conducted. It is called the Bible, the Word of God. Now once we become Children of God we are also supposed to follow the “Standard Operating Procedures “of living for the Lord. By following the life style that the Lord has given us, we can avoid many of the problems that others will experience in their life. That does not mean that we will never have problems, or things that come up that we do not under stand. It does give us a guide to follow on how to handle the situations when they do arise. The Bible also gives us a course to follow on our journey on the River of life. I have referred to life as a River, just as some may refer to it as the “Journey of life.” Have you figured out why the title is called “Ship Wreaked or Just Run Aground “yet?
           We are also the Captain of our own Vessel. The Vessel is our own Mind, Body and Soul.  The Lord is actually the Owner of the Vessel, he created it. The Captain is either operating for the Owner of the Vessel or operating on his own free will. Which one are you operating for?
          Well let us now continue on our course on the River of Life. As we travel down the River of Life, we will encounter rough water, some may even be considered as rapids or some may be actual water falls or whirlpools. The Lord never told us it was going to be smooth sailing all the time. He actually told us just the opposite. The Lord also told us how to avoid the rocks and other debris in the River. The rocks can and will cause serious damage to our vessel. They can even destroy it. The rocks are the things in life that can become habits that are almost impossible to get rid of. Let’s continue with the topic of Sand Barges. Sand Barges are actually things we do not see until we have hit them and we become stuck. The Lord has given us the information on how to know when we are in the waters that may have Sand Barges. Now a good Captain will slow the Craft down and proceed with caution. This is were Patients and Perseverance comes in (Hebrews 6: 9-12), (Hebrews 10: 19-39). Next let us move on to the subject of “Ship Wreaked “. Ship Wreaked is when we have encountered some thing or done some thing that put every thing in Grave Peril. Grave Peril is when some thing has happened to the Vessel, Crew and Captain that is almost always going to mean total lose. This happens when we give up and no longer are serving the Lord in meaningful way.    
I hope this weeks Bible study will help you when you are facing things in your life that seem very unfair and like no one can help you. The Lord always listens to the request of those that are diligently serving him. Even if we slip and fall, all we need to do is ask for his forgiveness and he will forgive and ask for help to give us the strength to see these problems through. If the things we are going threw are a result of some thing we did against Gods Commands then we must be prepared to suffer the Consequences of those actions. But the Lord will give us the strength to go through it. May God Bless you all and hope you have a great week end.
                                     William A Tyler Sr
 Be sure to take your Spiritual vitamin every day, “A Proverb a   Day Helps keep Satan at Bay”

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sailing classes on Saturday, March 30, 2013 5:08 AM
Ship captain's responsibility is too important. Because, normally a captain do the handling whole ship. Am i right ? By way, I want to know more data from you. would you give me ?
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Rev William A Tyler Sr on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:16 PM
Yes you are correct concerning the Captain. The Holy Spirit is our navigator. The Holy Spirit keeps us on track with Obedience to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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