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Trials and Tribulations

                                      Trials and Tribulations
     This month we will be studying the scriptures on the topic of “Trials and Tribulations”.    I am hopeful that this Bible devotion will give you some insight on where they come from and how to handle them.  The three basic areas they come from are, oneself, someone else, or from the Lord. We do a fine job of bringing on our own problems. This usually comes from us; by not following the principals witch the Lord has given us to avoid these problems.
     Trials are Spiritual testing which are allowed by the Father. Testing comes about when the Father has plans to move us further on our journey with him. Remember when we were in grade school? At the end of the school year we had to take our final tests to see if we were ready to move on to the next grade. So it is with the Lord.
     Tribulations are things that come from our own actions and by others. We must accept the consequences for those things that are happening because of something we have done that has caused the situation to escalate.  So let’s get started and like I said “I hope you will receive insight and instruction on these situations”
James 1: 1-18
     The Lord does not tempt, but he allows Satin to tempt us by using our own evil desires. Satin knows every one of our weaknesses. He knows just what buttons to push to have us dwell on those weaknesses.
James 1: 19-27
     As one reads the Bible and also puts into action those things which he has read, it will keep things on track with the Lord. If you do enough looking and reading you will find the solution to the situation you are facing.
1Peter 4:
1 Timothy 4:
Is your life style the same as when Christ was here? Or are you doing what the world would be doing when they go through the same things? Can the world tell you have something different in times of trouble?
2 Timothy 4: 16-18
     When we follow the scriptures and do the things which God has instructed us to do, He will be there to rescue us, guiding us, and leading us on everything that life can throw at us.
1Corinthians 9: 24-27
     The Holy Spirit acts like our professional trainer. When professional athletes start out they start out doing the very basic training. As they progress there training becomes more intense. As we became Born Again in Christ we started out very simple by reading the word and gaining understanding. As the professionals become stronger and have gained experience, they move on to things more difficult. So it is with our Christian walk with the Lord.
Psalms 26:
     After you have read this Psalm, take a few minutes and think about what is going on in your life at the present moment. Reflect on how you are dealing with those situations and then read the scripture again. See if what you are doing coincides with this scripture and if not what you may be able to do to get it in harmony with what this says.
     Read a Proverb every day and see what a change in your spiritual life takes place.
                                                                William A Tyler SR

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