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     Perhaps the most secretive sin in the life of the believer is greed.  Let us examine why greed can and is a sin. Greed is often tucked away under ambitions that are masqueraded by good intentions.  A classic example of this is when Moses saw through Korah Nathan and Abiram who desired more prestige and power for their own benefit.  A quest for something that is contrary to God's will is greed in disguise,an overwhelming desire to have more of something such as money than is actually needed.
     The culture of greed constantly taunts Christians to tolerate a self-absorbed mentality.  Certainly, at the very root of greed is pride.  Greed and pride are inseparable.   Our greatest undoing is doing for ourselves (James 4:2). Our spiritual destruction is more often due to greed fueled by our stubbornness to humble ourselves verses the influence and power of Satan.   Satan can only tempt us to justify why we should sin... he has no power to make us sin (1John 4:4). The enemy that Satan is... is not our chief problem... it is the enmity of our hearts.
     The real destructive ingredient of greed is the thinking that we deserve all that we want and see... neglecting the biblical fact that greed exacts itself through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.  When we are yielding to the Holy Spirit, it becomes obvious that this world's seductive and provocative vices are only cheap and fading substitutes verses God's best for us.
     Admittedly, greed is a powerful, and corrupting influence within our hearts.  Its influence is often factored in every decision we make.  How do we as believers overcome this vain ambition?  Fortunately, all believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  Thus, we are not left to ourselves in the perpetual battle against the flesh and the wiles of the Devil.  The Holy Spirit actually speaks to our spirit.  Often this is done as we meditate on the Word of God.  The key to overcoming the corrupting and taunting influence of greed is learning to listen to God.  Very importantly, when Christ speaks to you; you know that you are hearing Him when you find yourself compelled to be patient.  Being patient becomes that nurturing tool that stimulates contentment... the exact opposite of greed.  It is a fact: impatience is the daddy to our failures.   Actually,Nothing grieves the Holy Spirit more than our impatience.
     Perhaps the most important pattern of the Christians life is the discipline of waiting upon God.  That does not mean the believer should live a passive existence.  Rather, it means to deliberately consecrate ourselves to listen to the indwelling Holy Spirit.  How refreshing it really is when we are discerning the will of God in every given circumstance.  Only then are we able to humble ourselves and subject our inclinationsfor greed to the discipline of yielding to the Holy Spirit
                                                        Rev William A Tyler Sr

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