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 Lord teach us to pray... Luke 11:1b
    One of the greatest dangers that hinders our prayers is the prayer that is motivated by need and not devotion (James 4:3). While we are commanded to bring our needs to God in prayer... our motivation should be love and devotion to Him. Prayer is not a matter of changing things externally, but one of changing  us internally. Very often, our inclination is to dictate to God what consequences we want as a condition of our obedience to Him.
    True prayer is wrought by Christ in us. As we journey with Jesus in prayer; we come to appreciate and appropriate His zeal for the glory of God. Very often there are vast areas of stubbornness and ignorance that the Holy Spirit continues to challenge. This is why Christ is so demanding of our attention towards prayer. 
    The temptation to listen to self as the final authority is a constant battle. The majority of us will not hear anything but ourselves. If we listen to God as the only authority, we will realize the likeness of Christ as our only advantage necessary in life. Jealously guard to keeping your attention and affection stimulated by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Read and meditate on the Word of God. We live in a world that always meets with personal sorrow. Listening to God in prayer does not eliminate sorrows, God will keep the sorrows from eliminating us. Settle it now, that the leading of the Holy Spirit is the solution.
    The seven things to ask about what the will of God is for you.
    Before making a decision ask these things and wait for a response to them. You may ask yourself today these questions and be able to say yes to all of them but in a day or two the answer may be different provided by the Holy Spirit will give you insight or concerns about some of these questions.
1. Does it coincide with the word of God?
2. Is it a wise decision?
3. Can I ask God to help me do this?
4. You I have complete peace with this?
5. Does this foul who I am in Jesus Christ, and after, in other words did Christ do this in his walk here on earth?
6. How does this fit into the plan of God for my life I look at what will happen from doing this and do not judge the decision with feelings or emotions. Take a couple of days before doing allow the Holy Spirit to move you with your thoughts.
7. Will this bring honor and glory to the Lord?
    Satan will tell you yes to all these questions. But you cannot force God even if it is his will. It may not be the right time for the answer. Do not let Satan trick you, study the word of God. Do not ask yourself these questions once or twice, keep asking them till you can say yes to all of them and have great piece after you give the answer. Now that you know this is his will, will you do it no matter what? Be confident that the Lord will provide for you only what is best for you. You cannot lose with the will of God. One of Satan's tricks is to tell you that whatever the Lord has taken away  will never be replaced. Only remember that it will and with something even better than what you had lost before.
                                                                       Rev William A Tyler Sr


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